EKOS, working in partnership with Avril Blamey Associates undertook an evaluation on behalf of the Scottish Government to assess the community-led regeneration approach as delivered via the People and Communities Fund (PCF).

With a key focus on building community capacities and skills, the People and Communities Fund (PCF) addresses two priorities: tackling poverty and social inclusion by supporting local community Anchor Organisations such as Registered Social Landlords, Community Development Trusts, and voluntary sector organisations. With a distinct focus on community engagement and co-production, PCF supports local communities to address their needs, identify their aspirations, develop skills, and bring about positive change. A range of different thematic areas
and activities are funded, including training, advice, community services, employability, mentoring and volunteering.

This study explored if and how the PCF and its community-led/co-production approach is effective in contributing to positive and sustainable change for individuals in some of the most disadvantaged communities across Scotland.

A copy of the report can be accessed here 

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