EKOS recently supported Skills Development Scotland and the three Ayrshire local authorities with the development of a Regional Skills Investment Plan (RSIP) for the 2022-2025 period.

The RSIP is an evidence-based report that draws on local insight and expertise to highlight opportunities for Ayrshire-focused skills investment across the three local authorities.

Building on existing national and regional strategy and policy such as the National Strategy for Economic Transformation and the Ayrshire Growth Deal, the Ayrshire RSIP intends to promote a place and asset-based approach to support community wealth building and sustainable inclusive growth across the region.

Following an initial workshop with the Ayrshire Skills Group, EKOS undertook individual consultations wwith more than 25 regional stakeholders representing the main institutions and sectors engaged with the Ayrshire economy and skills system. An online survey and two focus groups with regional employers gathered a further 70 responses. Finally, three focus groups with senior school pupils and Ayrshire College students were also held.

The full RSIP can be viewed on the SDS website.

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